“Passion makes school”
A documentary film about school., environment, passion and future.

The movie is a, maybe too ambitious, attempt to portrait a difficult age such as pre-teen, showing the activities of three classes in one schoolyear.
Almost 80 students are everyday facing a contrast between them and teachers, learning difficulties and all the challenges that school presents them every day. Boys and girls that represent a present that often is described as transitory.

“La passione fa scuola” tells the story of a Public Italian School with music as a main subject. This is a place shared by 11-13 years old Students and Professors, an institutional place where future is created. Here every and each individual has to prepare himself or herself to experience learning with both childhood’s light heartedness, and a new obligation to responsibilities and rules’ respect.

“La passione fa scuola” talks about environmental issues relating the territory (specifically the Milano suburban area) with those who will experience them for a longer time.
Nature talks about itself, sends its messages and communicates the importance of its rules: the rhythm of seasons, climate, the thin balance between environment and urbanization.

“La passione fa scuola” is a movie about passion, energy and effort. Energy of emotional involvement that let Professors and Students turn any subject into a life’s experience. But also the mental and physical fatigue and the efforts of studying a musical instrument, sport competitions, workshops, tensions before exams and concerts . Passion as struggle, the one that comes from facing humanity’s failures, both in past and in present, such as deportation in concentration camps and global warming.

“La passione fa scuola” èis a documentary movie about present and about future, for and about those who have the right to believe in it. Right now.

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